Back to the Ice Oct 06

Hello HRSSC Families,
Thank You for your patience as we finalized details of our upcoming Fall season.  Upcoming!!!  As in this Tuesday 6 October!!   Wohoo!!We are so excited to welcome everyone back to the ice!  
There will be a lot of information to share over the next few days so please keep an eye out for a few more updates.   We will try our best to share the key points to help us all get back on the ice as safely as possible and ready for some great skating together.  
This update will focus on:

  • Skate Rentals 
  • Membership – Skate times, Groups, and Fees
  • Registration – requirements and options
  • SSNS and SMC Guidelines

Skate RentalsOur skate inventory is ready to go.  Boots and blades have been checked and sharpened thanks to some great team work.  
Our Rental Policy remains the same with an Annual Rental Fee and a Skate Deposit, so please bring along:

  • Rental Fee payment of $100.00 – paid by cheque or e-transfer to
  • Skate Deposit of $350.00 – paid by cheque, post dated to 30 March 2021

We are scheduled for Skate Rental Pick Up on Sunday 4 October 4:00-6:00pm and Monday 5 October 6:00-7:30pm.Please sign up here:
We will be set up in the back of the Smith Arena and we ask that you park at the far end of the main lot and walk up behind the container.   Skates can be picked up once the above payments are received along with signed waivers, and confirmation of current contact information (more details below).
MembershipOur Fall 2020-2021 Membership details are listed here with Groups, Practice Times, and Fees.
*SSC fees have been calculated at the Participant Level.  Any changes to sanctioned competitions would need to include an upgrade in Skater Categories and the relative increase in fees.
RegistrationRegistration will be in two steps this season as we are in the process of joining the new SSC – Ice Reg online system.   We can complete our first step with in-person and email options to collect our required documentation.   Payments will be delayed until we are onboard with Ice Reg and members will be able to complete this step and set up their accounts directly.  
Please sign and print or email the HRSSC and SSNS Covid Waivers and bring them along to the scheduled Skate Rental and Registration sessions.  We will have hard copies available if needed.  SKATERS CANNOT GET ON THE ICE WITHOUT COMPLETED AND SIGNED WAIVERS AND CONTACT INFORMATION CONFIRMATION.  The HRSSC Waiver and the SSNS Return to Sport Guidelines are attached below.

Guidelines and ProtocolsWe will follow up with “Getting Ready to Get on the Ice” details and procedures around St. Margaret’s Centre in our next update.   For reference, the current SMC Covid Protocols and HRM Arena Guidelines can be found here.
Please let us know if you have any questions. 
Thanks again for all of your patience and support.Your HRSSC Team