2020/21 Season Update

We are working hard to finalize our skate times with St. Margaret’s Centre and keeping up with the current Public Health Protocols and a forthcoming update with our SSNS Return to Sport Guidelines. In order to prioritize safety and a busy adjustment period in September, we will be delaying the start of our season until early October.

In preparation for the start to our season, we needto collect our skate inventory for annual skate maintenance and also to assist with any size adjustments later in September.  Our focus will be on returning skates and any equipment on loan but we will also make a note of skate sizes that still fit and try to return these for the upcoming season, along with a note to plan for refits.  We will have in-person sessions available on Thursday 3 September and Wednesday 9 September from 6-8pm at the back of SMC with access to our equipment room.   We will set up a safe exchange station, and prebook times in advance.  Please select a time here:  https://doodle.com/poll/6iydm3cibrqd8pd8   We can also have a member available for drop off at our dryland sessions this week:  Monday 31 August at the Halifax Oval 5:30-6:30pm, and Wednesday 2 September 5:00-7:30pm at Ecole Sommet field, Larry Uteck.  Please contact Paula: aparruda.ns@icloud.com to confirm a time and if you have any questions, or if you require another meeting time.  Our HRSSC board members will be teaming up to assist you in making this as convenient as possible.  Thank You for your cooperation and patience. 

And finally, would you please take a few minutes to assist us with planning our skate times and groups this season by answering the following questions and replying to: hfxspeedskating@gmail.com and aparruda.ns@icloud.com.

  We hope all of our families will be returning this season, but we also know there have been many changes and more to come in the months ahead.  We are trying our best to offer a good fit for our skaters to stay active, healthy, and keep building their speed skating friendships in this upcoming season.

  • Will your skater be returning this season?   
  • Would you like to remain on this email contact list?
  • Would you be interested in skating one night, or two nights per week?  Tuesday and Thursday evenings are our available skate times.
  • Would an early Saturday morning skate time be of interest?  Primarily Group A and possibly Group B.

Please let us know if we can provide any additional information or address any concerns to assist us and our families during our pre-season planning.

Thank You in advance for your feedback.  We really appreciate it.
Your HRSSC Board member team   : )