2020/21 Season Coming Soon


We hope this finds our skaters and families in good spirits and in good health, enjoying our hot sunny summer days ☀️. Although, we do participate in a chilly winter sport ❄️so some of us might be on the fence about all of this crazy heat ⛄️⛱ These last few months have brought many changes and challenges, but it is our hope that everyone has found a new rhythm to their home, work, and play routines and a kind community of support along the way. It has been inspiring to witness many of the creative solutions families and groups have come up with to keep active and connected during these pandemic times.

As we start to transition to the next round of changes in family routines and schedules, we wanted to let you know that although your speed skating community may have appeared to be on the quiet side, members have been working along the way to keep up to date and be part of developing Return to Sport guidelines, staying in touch with St. Margaret’s Centre, and working with our local, provincial, and national speed skating partners to try to plan our upcoming 2020-21 speed skating season. While there still remain many details to work through, we are hopeful we will be able to share plans for a revised speed skating season soon.

Please keep an eye out for more updates regarding:
-skate return and refitting plans
-Return to Sport guidelines
-schedule and membership details
-volunteer opportunities

As well as looking back on our 2019-2020 season to celebrate our skaters and community highlights.

Please check in if you have questions, concerns, and updates of your own to share. You can reach us at hfxspeedskating@gmail.com and aparruda.ns@icloud.com

Take Care,
on behalf of your HRSSC Executive