Information below is from the 2017/18 Polar Vortex Series.  We will be posting 2019 Polar Vortex information soon.

Once again this year, the Nova Scotia Masters Speed Skating Club and the Winter Multisport Race Series of Halifax will be hosting the Polar Vortex Challenge Series on the Emera Oval in January and February.  This is a series of races, including skate racing, sledge racing, and a triathlon that will include skating and two other sports (probably snowshoeing and biking, but will depend on weather and availability of snow).  

The challenge is to complete a qualifying event (all events qualify except for the 3K family fun race) on two of the three weekends of the series, but participants can register in only one race, or as many as they wish.  Registration is open the general public, and participants can wear any type of skates, so please share this info with any friends and family who might enjoy participating in this unique event.  There are prizes donated by the event sponsors for each of the races, and special swag for those completing the challenge.

On January 21st, there is a 3K family fun race that is suitable for younger participants.  Adults wishing to participate in this event must be accompanied by a child.  Club members would be able to borrow skates for the weekend if they wish to participate in this event.

These are the events (the first and last events are linked to the registration website):

January 21, 2018

Polar Vortex Skate 5k and 10K, and 3K family fun race


February 4, 2018

Polar Vortex Triathlon (Tri-the-Oval VI)


 February 11, 2018

Polar Vortex Skate 25K and Sledge 3K