So long 2021/22 long track!

Hello HRSSC Families,
OUR LONG TRACK SEASON AT THE OVAL HAS COME TO AN END TODAY.  Ice conditions are no longer stable enough to run safe, fun, and challenging practices. 
While the weather made for some interesting challenges to our schedule and plans, we still managed some great speed skating and fun practices together.  We were excited to offer a great mix of practices for all of our groups this season, and to enjoy speed skating on a long track Oval.  It’s a pretty unique experience.
THANK YOU TO OUR COACHES –  CJ, Jessica, Phoebe, Anne, and Grace  – for coming out for their groups, sometimes multiple times a week.  We appreciate all of your hard work, energy, and good cheer. ❄️
THANKS TO OUR JUNIOR COACHES who kicked off the season in December and continued coming out to support our skaters and coaches – Sophie, Shepherd, Lilian, Ella, Maceo, Jasmine, and Mathieu.🙂We appreciate our ON-SITE PARENT VOLUNTEERS – Shuai, Myriam, Cassie, Valmon, David, Merrell, Elisabeth, and Summer. ☀️
We will also be sending a note of THANKS to the hard working Ice Crew – they had their work cut out for them some days.   
Have a great week.Your HRSSC Team