October 4th update

Happy Tuesday!  Time for some speed skating   🙂
Our PARENT INFORMATION MEETING this evening will take place in the Meeting Room #1&2 on the second floor of SMC.   Please proceed to the second floor lobby, through to the hallway on the left and into meeting rooms on the right.
TEAM MATSWe will need to your help this evening, to ensure our safety mats are on the ice promptly so our skaters have their full skate time and parents can attend the meeting.   Anyone available to assist with the half pads before 7pm and while the zamboni is on the ice, please meet at the back end of the arena.   Thank You.
LEARN TO SKATE/FUNDAMENTALS/INTERMEDIATE SHORT BLADES & LONG BLADES7:25 – 8:15PM Our Senior Skaters will be available to assist:

  • LTS (7:30pm) and FUND (7:40pm) skaters getting off the ice, in the dressing rooms, and can keep them company in the stands watching the SB&LB practice
  • SB&LB skaters in the dressing room and ensuring they are on the ice for 7:40pm practice time

ADVANCED GROUP8:30 – 9:20PMMEETING AGENDAHRSSC Club Administration, Parent, and Volunteer Information

  • “News You Can Use” Make our HRSSC Season a great one!  
    • Season Schedule
    • Membership and Registration
    • Volunteer Positions
    • Safety gear and HRSSC apparel

Presentation by Head Coach CJ

  • skater development
  • skater groups
  • practice plan highlights
  • competition plans

See you this evening,Your HRSSC Team