October 22nd Update

Practices will be at the usual times at the usual place this week. 

Our annual club meet is the Citadel Cup and is this coming weekend!  Sat October 26 and Sunday October 27.  Skater groupings will be released shortly so keep your eye open for further emails later in the week.
Volunteers will be needed to run the meet.  Assistance with pad set up and take down is always appreciated at practices as well as at the meet.
A reminder and a few points about equipment care for those new and experienced skaters alike.Since ice is slippery and consists of frozen water, equipment gets wet as do skaters. 🙂   Keeping your gear clean and dry will make skating a more pleasurable experience and will extend the longevity of your equipment.
It is a good idea to bring extra clothes to the meet.  It makes for a long cold wet weekend for a skater waiting around for a race in wet clothing.  Some people will be bringing hairdryers to dry clothes/equipment off between races.

Speed skates have 2 types of blade protectors.  The soft fuzzy “soakers” and the firm plastic blade protectors.  In order to maintain the sharp edge of the skate blades it is important to use the hard plastic blade protectors whenever you need to come off the ice.  Speed skate blades should only be walked on when necessary and protected.  The soft fuzzy “soakers” are not for walking on.  These are meant for  drying/soaking water away from the blades to protect against water damage (rust).  They are meant for the skate storage in your speed skating bag for example.

The blades need to be sharpened on a regular basis.  The frequency of sharpening is dependent on a number of factors including age and ability of skater, ice surface, blade to blade contact, and general blade care.  If you don’t know if your skates need sharpening ask a group A skater or a knowledgeable parent.  We are happy to help.  Speed skates need to be hand sharpened.  We can show you how or you can ask one of the group A skaters to sharpen them for you.  They typically charge $10 to sharpen them.

and finally…. for those interested in another great meet, the Atlantic Cup is fast approaching. Registration is now open at http://speedskatepei.ca/2019-atlantic-cup-registration/ and closes OCTOBER 28 at 8 pm.  The meet itself is in Charlottetown PEI on Nov 9 and 10th.  It appears Charlottetown may be busy on that weekend as UPEI and Holland College will be having their annual open houses.  So book your hotel sooner rather than later if you intend on going.  I have booked a room at Canadas Best Value Inn & Suites on 20 Capital Drive in Charlottetown via Hotels.com at a rate of 80$ per night for 2 double beds.  It is pet friendly which is why I booked here.