Level 1 Officials Clinic

There will be a Level 1 Officials Clinic on Saturday January 13th, 1-4:30pm, and Saturday January 27th, 2:30-5pm. The clinic will be held in the boardroom at the George Dixon Centre at 2502 Brunswick St, Halifax, and will be instructed by Brent Thompson. There will also be opportunities to gain practical experience at the Sunday Morning Races on January 14th and at the Atlantic Cup Long Track Championships on January 27th and 28th.
The Level 1 Officials Clinic is designed to teach the role of each official in a speed skating competition, both long track and short track. The clinic will use video, practical demonstrations, informal discussion, and in-competition practical experience. The clinic is also useful for parents of new speed skaters and developing coaches to learn about the rules of the sport of speed skating and ask questions to a referee.

To register, please email Brent Thompson: brent.thompson@ns.sympatico.ca