Dryland June 17th

Dryland Practice will be Monday, June 17th, 2019 at 6:30pm at Glenbourne Sports Field, on Parkland Drive, Halifax (across from “Glenbourne Gardens Apartments”, 680 Parkland Dr, Halifax). Practice will begin at 6:30pm sharp. Please walk up to the running trail to see if anyone is present if you do not happen to meet anyone at the soccer field or parking lot.
We will meet at the soccer field located approximately 60m update the trail from the parking lot. The area includes a soccer field, the Mainland North Trail which includes approximately 1km section from Parkland Drive to Farnham Gate Road with a 200+m hill. 
Dryland will include a warm-up run, dynamic stretching, an aerobic or anaerobic session, speed skating specific drills and maybe a game for cooldown.
Please bring with you: Running shoeswater bottle and water, and weather appropriate clothing. It may also be beneficial to bring a “older” pair of shoes for the speed skating specific drills as some drills can destroy shoes rather easily.
Dryland practice will go rain or shine, wind or snow and cancelled only at my discretion. I will endeavor to give 1 hour notice via this email if practice is cancelled.
Thank you and see you at practice,
Jonathan McNeilHead Coach, Halifax Regional Speed Skating Club