December 4th update

Hi all.  My apologies for this weeks email delay.  In this edition you will find information about practice, the Emera Oval, Long Track Camp, and dryland training.  

Practice is on as usual this week barring any cancellations/weather changes beyond our control!  Check your email and our social media platforms to be aware of unforeseen changes or cancellations.
Also the long track season will soon be here. The Emera Oval is tentatively set to open on the 16th of December.

Speed Skate Nova Scotia will be presenting a Long Track Training camp on December 27th to 29th. Details are below.
This will be a good opportunity for skaters to  get a pre-season tune up on their long track form.
Details about the camp and registration can be found at

And from Paula…
Hi folks,
I want to share an exciting opportunity that has been coming together for a Dryland program for our skaters.   As a board we have been trying to explore a couple of options, and a topic that often comes up in conversation between skaters, coaches, and parents as high on the wish list is Dryland training.

Canada Games Centre offers a Team Dryland Program and I have been in touch with the coordinator, and have connected Jonathan with the coordinator and a team trainer.   So we would like to share the details we have thus far (and apologize for the delay – getting everyone in the loop with a mix of storm days, and dodgy internet for all parties at some point along the way).

The program we would like to go ahead with includes: Dryland training sessions, Nutrition sessions, Yoga, and Mindful and Meditation as indicated below.   
It is on offer for all of our Group A skaters, and intermediate Group B skaters:  Nyk, Lyra, Emily, Sophie, Mathieu, Grace, Chloe, Ella, and Max.   Jasmine, Andy, Maceo, Daniel, Cassie, and Brady.   Along with Lilian (LT).
We have reserved Saturdays from 1-2pm to start with Dryland, and we can plan 2 additional components to follow at 2pm during pre-arranged weeks.   This time was chosen as to allow for morning long track skating at the Oval, with time to transition to the CGC.  Change, travel, eat, settle in…and even matches the bus schedule between both locations if it helps with scheduling and travel plans.   It also allows for “rest” days for Sunday and Monday (with some Sunday LT events in the mix).

Although January-February indicated below, we can actually start this Saturday 7 December at 1pm if there is enough interest.   
In terms of commitment and payment, we would need a minimum of 10 athletes and can adjust the price accordingly.   It will be a “full package” commitment as we cannot do a week by week arrangement.   
Please let me know if you are interested and would like to be added to the participant list.   I will follow up with final cost and any required documentation.   Happy to try to answer any questions.
Hope we can give this a go.   It will also be a great team building opportunity.