December 28th update

Hello HRSSC Families,
We hope you have been keeping well and enjoying your holidays.
Now that the holiday schedule is set at the Oval, we are excited to offer up two long track skating sessions to our members.  Our Advanced skaters will be coaching these sessions with direction from our coaches who are taking a well deserved break and spending some time with their families.
Wednesday 29 December 5:00-6:00pmWednesday  5 January  5:00-6:00pm 
Please keep in mind, there is absolutely no pressure to attend.   We simply want to make the option available if of interest.  We want to be equally respectful of each family’s comfort level, recognize requests to offer skating, while also adhering to our current protocols. 
As members of SSNS, we will be following public health guidelines in accordance to our directives from Sport NS and the HRM Oval.  AT THE OVAL:

  • PROOF OF VACCINE is required to enter the plaza area and facility
  • MASKS must be worn at all times – off and on the ice
  • a skater may have ONE SUPPORT PERSON to assist with their gear
  • SPECTATORS ARE NOT PERMITTED in the plaza area (please spread out along the whole fenced area for only short periods of time)
  • we will have 1-2 PARENT VOLUNTEERS to support our skaters and coaches in the plaza area

In addition, we will organize our skater groups further in the smaller COHORT GROUPS ASSIGNED TO A COACH – these cohorts will stay together off and on the ice and must remain separate from other cohorts. 
PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU PLAN TO ATTEND.  This will assist us in planning our groups.  Thank You.Please share any questions or concerns. Our full winter schedule and membership details are being reviewed and will follow soon.

Looking forward to getting together at the Oval,

Your HRSSC Team