Even though speed skating is a fairly technical sport, almost anyone with basic skating skills can become quite good after several sessions with the help of our experienced coaches. We have members from as young as 6 years old.

There are some basic skating skills that will allow safe participation in the introductory program:

  • Glide on one foot
  • Stop on whistle from full speed in 5 meters
  • From standing start complete one lap at a fast pace

There are three ‘groups’ within the club, based mainly on safety, ability and age. All decisions regarding placement are the Head Coach’s decision.

Beginner Group C

Beginner skaters and younger skaters. This group has more emphasis on fun and learning to skate.

Intermediate Group B

This group teaches racing and technique that skaters will use as they grow to be faster and better overall athletes.

Advanced Group A

This group is the most advanced. Some of the skaters in this group are only a few seconds off world record pace. Skaters in this group must be prepared to train off ice and follow their fitness program.



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