Even though speed skating is a fairly technical sport, almost anyone with basic skating skills can become quite good after several sessions with the help of our experienced coaches. We have members from as young as 6 years old.   We can support skaters in the early stages of learning to skate as well as those ready to transition from skilled skaters to speed skaters.   Basic movement skills and skating on their own will allow a skater to move further along towards learning the techniques of speed skating. Some of the introductory skating skills mastered in the introductory program include:

    • Glide on one foot
    • Stop on whistle from full speed in 5 meters
    • From standing start complete one lap at a fast pace.
There are two ‘groups’ within the club, based mainly on safety, ability and age. All decisions regarding placement are the   Head Coach’s decision.

Beginner Group B   (formerly Group C;   for reference:  Group C in Fee Schedule)

Beginner skaters and younger skaters. This group has more emphasis on fun and learning to skate.  

Intermediate Group- Advanced Group A   (formerly Group A/B;  for reference:  Group A/B in Fee Schedule)

This group teaches racing and technique that skaters will use as they grow to be faster and better overall athletes. This group is the most advanced.  Skaters in this group must be prepared to train off ice and follow their fitness program.


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