Required Equipment

All skaters should have a helmet (bike or hockey helmet is fine ), a neck guard (hockey neck guard) and soccer style shin pads and gloves. Volleyball style knee pads are also recommended. All skaters are now required to have eye protection. Shatter-resistant protective sport glasses (with polycarbonate lenses) or a visor/cage for hockey helmets. Glasses must be held in place by an elastic strap. Let’s all be safe and have fun!

View the complete equipment list and descriptions here:

HRSSC Equipment List (PDF)


Rental Speed Skates

In recent years our club has invested in purchasing Speed Skates for our members to use.  This provides skaters and parents the opportunity to become involved in our sport with out the initial cost of buying speed skates.

Skate Purchase and Buy Back Program


How it Works

Purchase a pair of club approved speed skates from a speed skating supplier and HRSSC will buy the skates and blades from you at the end of the season.

HRSSC will purchase the skate and boot package from you at your purchase price (save your receipt) minus a $75 fee after the first year of wear, or minus a $150 fee after the second year of wear (does not include shipping).

Approved Skates

Bont Patriot FG ST Boots OR Bont Patriot Carbon ST Boot with Maple blades

A different model of skate or blade must be approved by HRSSC Executive prior to purchase.

How to Order Skates

HRSSC equipment managers can assist you in sizing and ordering skates. Skates can be purchased online and shipped to your home. Suggested Canadian suppliers are:

Red River Speed

Devault Sports

Benefits to Skaters and Club

Parents who would like to outfit their children with new skates, but worry about growth spurts or a change of commitment to skating, are guaranteed a return on their investment. The skate purchasing program allows HRSSC to increase its limited rental skate inventory enabling more skaters to be  properly equipped.

Who Can Participate

Skaters registered for any HRSSC full season program are eligible.




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