August 29th update

Hello HRSSC Families,A few quick updates to share while we work on fine tuning our plans for the upcoming season. 
SKATERS AND FAMILIES put on your creative thinking caps and share a SHORT CATCH PHRASE to help us advertise HRSSC and SPEED SKATING in some local ads and signs.All submissions will receive one of our fantastic HRSSC stickers!! 
With one quick deadline coming up, please send along your suggestions by 9am Monday morning.   Fear not, any later submissions will also be considered for our notices throughout the season, so keep them coming whenever an idea strikes   : } In the past, we have had “Speed Skating – You CAN Do That Here!”   “Fast is Fun”   “Some Reach for the Stars…I Speed Skate Towards Them”

SKATE FITTING  We are finalizing our volunteer schedule for skate fitting sessions over the next two weeks.   A separate email will include:

  • Doodle poll sign up
  • Rental fees and deposit information

Please note:  Skate sharpening is a work in progress, along with our skate and blade maintenance check.   THANK YOU to our volunteers who have been plugging away at this over the summer and continue to do so – it is a big job!! Some skates will remain at SMC after fitting to complete all of the necessary prep and we will arrange a convenient pick up time.
HRSSC members will have their skates available to come out and join along at our HRSSC-SSC Open House on Saturday 10 September and also to kick off our season on Tuesday 20 September.  

FUNDRAISINGHRSSC has been registered with the Sport NS – Sport 50/50 Split last season but may be new to some members.    Recently, the program was adjusted to support participating teams with 80% of the funds raised, and 20% going back to support Sport NS programs such a SportFund, Parasport, and KidSport. A great way to raise funds for HRSSC and earn your own chance to win Early Bird prizes and the monthly 50/50 raffle, along with Top Team prizes.
Full program details including How it Works, Past Raffle amounts, Who it Supports, and How to Play can be found here:
Our HRSSC fundraising page can be found here:

📣Leaving us with the perfect segue to our VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES REMINDERS  😉Bring your skills and enthusiasm to fill the role of:

  • Treasurer
  • Fundraising
  • Social Media updates
  • Community Outreach
  • Registrar
  • more ideas… 

Send along any questions and suggestions.
Back soon,Your HRSSC Team