2018-19 First Practice

Hello HRSSC families,

Welcome to our first week of practice to kick off the 2018-19 Season!!    Wohoo!!
A few notes to share to help everyone find their way and have a fun evening on the ice this week.
Introductory/Beginner Skaters Group C
Please arrive by 6:45 to put on skates and gear.   Check the monitor in the main lobby for the change room – usually #1 or 2.    Please ensure you have your skates, helmet, and shell-type gloves (not fabric).  
Returning skaters should have all of their safety gear.  New skaters can bring along and wear what you have so far and we can check in to help ensure you can find any missing pieces over the first few practices.
Also, we will have more of our skate guards available, so please have these on your blades before walking out to the ice.  
Group C will be getting on the ice at 7pm, please wait for a coach to be on the ice.   Practice will be from 7:05-7:55pm.  Shared practice with Group A/B from 7:45-7:55pm .   
Your coaches will be Jonathan and Cassidy,  assisted by Anne, Merrell, and Paula.
Intermediate Skaters Group A/B
A few changes for our Group A/B skaters this season.  Check the monitor for the change room – we will also have a second change room available, usually #5.  For the first couple of weeks, please arrive for 7pm to help with the pads (you must wear your helmet on the ice) followed by a group warm up.    So have your running shoes and something comfortable to do some warm-ups (or just part of your gear).   Warm-up from 7:10-7:30pm.    Jonathan and Cassidy will be sharing instructions with you to work together as a group for the first few weeks, and this will develop into a longer, coach-led dryland program in the next few weeks. 
Please be changed and ready on the ice by 7:45pm.  Shared practice with Group C from 7:45-7:55pm.  Practice continues until 8:45pm.
On Thursdays, our sessions shift to 7:30-9:30pm.
Group C  – On ice 7:30pm.    Practice 7:35-8:25pm.    Shared practice with Group A/B  from 8:15-8:25pm
Group A/B –  Mats 7:30pm.   Warm-up 7:40-8:00pm   On ice 8:15pm.   Shared practice with Group C from 8:15 – 8:25pm.  Practice continues until 9:15pm.
Yes – you will be quizzed on this!!   Just kidding   : )     
Registration is ongoing, and our Registrar extraordinaire Summer will be assisting with registration at each practice.     
Please do not hesitate to ask any questions via email or any other the parents around the arena.    We really are a friendly bunch – maybe just a little chilly in temperatures.   So consider wearing an extra warm layer yourself.  
Looking forward to a great season together,